Charles Wood, (email) Chair, OLA Quarterly Coordinator
Sarah Imholt, (email) - OLA Hotline, co-editor
Gretchen Kolderup, St. Helens Public Library (email), OLA Hotline, co-editor
Kristin Williams, Athena Public Library (email), OLA Hotline, co-editor
Rachel Kenny, Oregon State University, (email), OLA Quarterly Editor
Jane Scheppke, Crook County Library (email) - OLA Quarterly Editor
Lynne Stahl, Multnomah County Library (email) - OLA Quarterly Editor
Jenn Weston, Pioneer Pacific College (email) - OLA Quarterly Editor
The Communications Committee oversees creation, distribution, and archival storage of the two main publications of the Oregon Library Association: The bi-weekly OLA Hotline and the OLA Quarterly journal.

Sue Ludington, Lane County Law Library (email)
Plans and executes the program for the annual conference.

Finance / Investment
Lori Wamsley, OLA Treasurer, Mt Hood Community College Library (email)
Reviews all fiscal policies and procedures, responding to direction from the Executive Board. The Committee serves as the consulting body for the Treasurer, the Executive Board, and the Association Manager in such areas as Association investments, the budget, and other financial concerns of the Association.

Awards Committee
Leah Griffith, Newberg Public Library (email)
Solicits nominations for Association awards in various categories; makes selections of recipients; works with Conference Planning to host awards at annual conference

Intellectual Freedom
Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, Chair, Lincoln City Public Library (email)
Aids the development of the Association's position on Intellectual Freedom, to interpret this position to the public, and to act in support of this position.

Melissa Little, Beaverton Public Library, (email)
Oversees leadership development opportunities for the OLA membership, including creating and managing leadership trainings and programs, as well as serving as leadership mentors.

Library Development and Legislation
Stephanie Lind, Washington County Cooperative Library System (email)
Establishes plans for improvement of libraries in Oregon through study and recommendation of plans for the use of state and federal funds; exploration of other sources of funding, e.g., foundation grants. Establishes priorities for legislative action which may affect all types of libraries in Oregon.

Lacey Legel,  Multnomah County Library (email)
Endeavors to secure new members for the Association by contacting librarians and others interested in library service in Oregon. Special effort should be made to contact those new to the state and the profession to express OLA's interest in them and to explain what the Association can offer them.

Buzzy Nielsen, Crook County Library (email)
Shall have charge of the conduct of the regular and special elections and the counting and tabulation of all votes cast. Will submit a press release to the OLA Hotline for the January issue requesting suggestions for nominees and petition nominees; will determine a slate of nominees in February; will submit candidates' statements for the OLA Hotline in the April issue; will ensure that candidates are introduced and that information about the candidates is available at the annual conference

Oregon Authors
Paul Addis, Co-chair, Coos Bay Public Library (email)
Ann-Marie Anderson, Co-chair, Tigard Public Library (email)
Collects and preserves bibliographical data on Oregon authors.


Oregon Reader's Choice Award
MacKenzie Ross, Beaverton City Library (email)
The ORCA is intended to be a fun and exciting way for Oregon youth in grades 4-12 to become enthusiastic and discriminating readers.  During the course of the school year, Oregon students choose their favorite book in a real-life democratic process.

Resource Sharing
John Hunter, Woodburn Public Library (email)
Fosters the sharing of library resources - materials, services and expertise - among all types of libraries, and assesses ways to improve service to Oregonians through resource sharing.  Manages the Oregon Library Passport Program.