Rachel Bridgewater, Portland Community College / Cascade Campus (email)
The Academic Division of OLA serves a dual role as the Oregon chapter of the Association of College and and Research Libraries (ACRL). The Academic Division/ACRL-OR seeks to foster communication among academic library personnel; to promote the development of Oregon's academic libraries; to sponsor educational programs of interest to academic library personnel; to serve as liaison between academic personnel and various other academic and library constituencies; and to advocate for academic libraries and library personnel on the state level.

Children's Services (CSD)
Stephanie Goodwin, Co-Chair,  (email)
Bryce Kozla, Washington County Co-op Library Services, Co-Chair,  (email)
Alec Chunn, CSD Webmaster (email)
The purpose of the Children's Services Division shall be to promote and advance library service to children and youth through public and professional education and cooperation.

Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL)
Grace Butler, Whitman Elementary School (email)
The purpose of the Division is to improve education through the encouragement of the professional growth and status of its members and to promote, strengthen, and unify the school library programs in the State of Oregon.

Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN)
Keli Yeats, Co-Chair, Multnomah County Library  (email)
OYAN is a non-profit, educational and informational organization whose goals are; to advocate for excellence in library services for young adults; to take a proactive role in providing library services to teens; and to provide a network for communication among those who work with teens.

Public Library (PLD)
Laura Kimberly, Newport Public Library (email)
The purpose of the Public Library Division shall be to promote public library service and development, to promote the potential for increasing cooperation among public libraries, to represent the interests and concerns of public libraries in relation to the Oregon Library Association and the Oregon State Library, and to develop legislative priorities for public libraries and other issues as may be pertinent to the Division.

Eduardo Arizaga Co-chair (1/1/21 - 8/30/22), Multnomah County Library (email)

Bobbye Hernandez, Co-chair (1/1/21 - 8/30/22), Multnomah County Library (email)
The main purpose of the REFORMA Oregon Chapter is to promote the advancement, growth, improvement, and implementation of library and information services to the Latino and the Spanish speaking community in the State of Oregon.  As a round table RORT will provide a space for sharing information, continuing education opportunities, resources, networking, and supporting librarians around the state to better the quality of services and programs for the Latino/Spanish speaking community.

Support Staff (SSD)
Rinny Lakin, Multnomah County Library (email)
The purpose of the Support Staff Division shall be to provide a framework for information sharing, continuing education and moral support for all library support staff. Specifically, the aims are to provide a forum to encourage new ideas, discuss concerns and solve problems; promote awareness of library issues; inspire and promote professional growth through networking, conferences, workshops and mentoring; exchange ideas on processes, systems, and policies; provide a medium for the exploration of new ideas and technologies; foster cooperation among all Oregon libraries in all the various public and technical areas throughout the library; and to increase awareness in the library community of the evolving roles played by support staff.