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Anyone interested in the association's activities or in Oregon libraries is welcome to join OLA.  Find out about the membership dues, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, and the benefits of becoming an OLA member.


Personal Membership/Individuals - for New members
Personal Membership Form
Payment of Membership Dues can be made either annually or on a quarterly basis.  Member type selection is either "Member - Regular - Annual," "Member - Regular - Annual (Auto Renew) or "Member - Regular - Quarterly,"  Quarterly dues are set up to automatically renew with payment deducted from the provided credit card on the due date.

Renew your OLA membership - for current or lapsed members

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your OLA account

Sustaining Business/Commercial Partners

These business memberships include all OLA benefits and rights of membership.  Use the form for Personal Membership Form and select "Business/Commerical Partner - Sustaining" under Membership Type.



OLA/ALA Joint Student Membership - Join OLA and ALA for one low rate.


Institutional Membership - Full institutional members ($150 membership) may have up to seven affiliate members as part of their subscription. These memberships are for Friends of the Library, trustees, or other non- library personnel and include all OLA benefits and rights of membership.  Use the form for Personal Membership and select "Institution - Sustaining" under Membership Type.


Already a member and you want to join an OLA unit?

Add an Affiliation/Publication Form - Only use this form if you are already a member and want to join an OLA unit, such as ACRL-OR, Public Library Division, Legal Reference Round Table.  Feel free to contact a unit's chair for more information about becoming more involved.  This form can also be used to request a print version of "The Interchange," Oregon Association of School Libraries Newsletter.


Donate to MLIS Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Donation Form (under construction) - Your contributions to the OLA Scholarship program helps members pursue educational and leadership opportunities.


Membership Dues - All school and library personnel (effective 9/1/23)

  • Salary up to $20,000: $32.00
  • Salary $20,001-$25,000: $47.00
  • Salary $25,001-$30,000: $52.00
  • Salary $30,001-$35,000: $62.00
  • Salary $35,001-$40,000: $72.00
  • Salary $40,001-$45,000: $79.00
  • Salary $45,001-$50,000: $89.00
  • Salary $50,001-$60,000: $94.00
  • Salary $60,001-$70,000: $104.00
  • Salary $70,001 and over: $124.00
  • Students, Unemployed & Retired Librarians, Trustees
    and Friends
    : $21.00
  • Joint ALA/OLA Student Membership (Oregon portion): $22.00
  • Basic Business Memberships  $52.00
  • Sustaining Business Partners: $208.00
  • Out of State Membership: $32.00

Institutions and Subscription Memberships

    • Basic Institution Membership: $52.00
      Provides OLA Quarterly and Hotline for Institution. Does not provide discounts to conferences or voting privileges
    • Full Institution Membership: $156,.00
      Provides full membership for up to 7 trustees, Friends, provosts, etc. or other non-library employees


OLA Unit Dues (other units are free to join)

  • Academic, College, and Research Libraries_OR ACRL: $10.00
  • Children Services Division (Part time), CSD (PT): $5.00
  • Children Services Division (Full time), CSD (FT): $10.00
  • Oregon Association of School Libraries, OASL:  $0.00
  • Oregon Young Adult Network (Part time), OYAN (PT): $5.00
  • Oregon Young Adult Network (Full time)( OYAN (FT): $10.00
  • Public Library Division (Full time), PLD (FT): $10.00
  • Public Library Division (Part time), PLD (PT): $5.00
  • REFORMA_Oregon, REFORMA $0.00
  • Support Staff Division, SSD: $0.00
  • Document Interest Group of Oregon, DIGOR: $5.00
  • International Relations Round Table, IRRT: $5.00
  • Library Instruction Round Table, LIRT: $5.00
  • Outreach Round Table, Outreach: $5.00
  • Reference Round Table, RRT: $5.00
  • Staff Training Round Table, STRT: $0.00
  • Technical Services Round Table, TSRT: $5.00