2024 ORCA Nominees, all divisions

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What is the ORCA?
The Oregon Reader's Choice Award was founded in 2010.  The award is intended to be a fun and exciting way for Oregon youth in grades 3-12 to become enthusiastic and discriminating readers.  During the course of the school year, Oregon students choose their favorite book in a real-life democratic process.

How are the books chosen?
Books must be nominated for inclusion on the ORCA ballot.  In order to be considered, the book needs to have a copyright date of two years prior to when the ballots are announced.  This delay ensures that the title will be readily available in paperback during the voting year.  Oregon students, teachers, and librarians are all able to nominate books.  The nominations are reviewed by a committee of librarians and educators.  The committee creates the final ballots based upon a number of criteria, including literary quality, creativity, reading enjoyment, reading level, and regional interest.

Who may vote?
Oregon students in grades 3-12. To qualify for voting, the person must have read, or listened to, at least 2 books in one of the divisions.

When does voting take place?
Voting occurs annually between March and April of each year. Check back in the spring of 2024 for more voting details and deadlines. 

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Congratulations to our 2023 ORCA Winners!