OYAN Objectives and Activities

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Mission Statement

OYAN is a non-profit, educational and informational organization whose goals are to advocate for excellence in library service for teens, to take a proactive role in providing library services to teens, and to provide a network for communication among those who work with teens. OYAN is a division of the Oregon Library Association (OLA).


Quarterly membership meetings are open to both OYAN members and the public. Only members may vote. Meeting locations vary to allow OYAN members from different geographical areas to participate. In addition, the Executive Board meets annually between the summer and fall meetings to plan and prepare for the upcoming year. 

The Executive Board

The board consists of the Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Publications Manager, Web Editor, Secretary, and Past Chair. Officer Candidates will be identified by the spring meeting, elected by May 31, and assume duties at the executive board meeting. All OYAN members are encouraged to participate in the governance of the organization.



OYAN members share their combined knowledge and expertise through a variety of media and formats:

1.  Program Sharing and Development
Each quarterly meeting includes time to share information about educational/recreational programming, Teen Summer Reading, school/public library cooperation, advisory councils, etc. Also, OYAN scholarship recipients may share their learning from conference attendance.

2.  Newsletter
The OYAN Review is published in electronic format annually in the spring. An archive of the review is available on OYAN's website. The Review includes book reviews, program ideas, conference reports and other items of interest to the membership. It also contains meeting information.

3.  Book Reviews and Bibliographies
Oral book reviews are shared at meetings and in writing in the OYAN Review. Members may submit them at any time to the Publications Manager. Members are also encouraged to share copies of recently developed teen-specific web- or bibliographies.

4.  Book Rave
The OYAN Book Rave is an annual list of recommended young adult literature selected by the members. Nominations are solicited throughout the year, with a final electronic vote occurring around the winter membership meeting. Titles are chosen to represent a variety of genres and reading levels. Print copies of the Book Rave are distributed to libraries and electronic copies, including previous lists are posted on the OYAN web site.

5.  Graphic Rave
The OYAN Graphic Rave is an annual list of recommended graphic novels, comic books, and manga as selected by the members. Nominations are solicited throughout the year, with a final electronic vote occurring around the summer membership meeting. Titles are chosen to represent a variety of genres and reading levels as well as spotlighting independent and local publishers. Print copies of the Graphic Rave are distributed to libraries and electronic copies (including previous lists) are posted on the OYAN web site.

6.  Web Site and Social Media
The OYAN website provides information and communication about the division. Social media include the OYAN Facebook page and the OYAN blog (http://oyanpeeps.wordpress.com/).



OYAN offers several opportunities for members to enrich their professional experience.Involved members of OYAN are exposed to new ideas in the field and also find great networking opportunities.

A.   OYAN-sponsored Conference Programs

1. OLA Annual Conference
OYAN sponsors at least one presentation at the conference; OYAN is also on a biennial rotation to present a pre-conference session. Members are encouraged to develop program ideas, contact possible presenters, or be presenters themselves!

2. Other Conferences
OYAN also presents at a variety of other conferences, including the Oregon Assoc. of School Librarians (OASL), the Oregon State Library (OSL) Focus Institute and the Virtual Reference Summit. Presentations focus on library service & readers advisory for teens, adolescent development, positive youth development, and more.

3. Workshops
OYAN provides workshops of interest to the membership at least once per year.

B.   Scholarships

OYAN provides a number of scholarships to relevant conferences for current OYAN members. This number is dependent on the annual scholarship budget.


OYAN members are recognized throughout the state as advocates for teens and teen services in libraries.  We strive to promote our mission in the following ways:

1) Increasing awareness of and support for Teen Library Services

a) OYAN distributes the Book Rave (annual) and the Graphic Rave (annual), two compilations of recommended literature for teen readers.

b) OYAN recognizes an individual, library, organization, program, or initiative that has made a positive and significant contribution to teens in libraries in the state of Oregon with the OYEA! (OYAN’s You’re Excellent Award)

c) OYAN conducts the OLA Benefit for OYAN Raffle, each year. This raffle, while raising funds for the organization, also serves to promote OYAN and what the division offers library workers throughout the state.

d) OYAN members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Oregon Reader’s Choice Awards (ORCA) presented by the OLA.

e) OYAN organizes and presents professional development opportunities for professional and paraprofessional staff at conferences and workshops

f) OYAN members share information and news about young adult services through an annual newsletter, Facebook page, and blog.


2) Promoting Partnerships

a) OYAN advocates for cooperation between school and public libraries.

b) OYAN advocates for cooperation between state-wide professional organizations that serve young adults (OASL, OYAN, CSD, ACRL-Or)

c) OYAN advises libraries on locating other partnerships for libraries serving teens, such as after-school care providers, parks and recreation organizations, and business sponsors


3) Advocate for excellence in library service for teens by:

a) Supporting 21st Century Skill Development through library programming and services for teens

b) Developing Information literacy in both formal (school) and informal (library) settings.

c) Fostering a love of stories and learning.

d) Providing intentional and proactive support for teens as they plan for college and careers, including:

i) opportunities for teens’ leadership and skill development through volunteering opportunities for teens to develop skills in group settings and with one-on-one assistance through homework help, test practice and other programs.

e) Sharing resources within OYAN community that support current trends in education and teen library services.


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