Chapter 14 - ACRL-Oregon Bylaws and Awards



14.011 The name of this division is the Academic Division of the Oregon Library Association (OLA), also known as the Association of College and Research Libraries Oregon Chapter (ACRL-Oregon).

14.012 The ACRL-Oregon is affiliated with the national Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) organization, a division of the American Library Association. It was incorporated in 1982 and became the Academic Division of OLA in 1989.


14.021 The Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon seeks to foster communication among academic library personnel; to promote the development of Oregon's academic libraries; to sponsor educational programs of interest to academic library personnel; to serve as liaison between academic personnel and various other academic and library constituencies; and to advocate for academic libraries and library personnel on the state level.

14.022 In order to accomplish these goals, the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon will regularly communicate with its members, sponsor educational programs each year, call meetings of the membership, send representatives to meetings of other library and academic groups, and advocate support of academic libraries and librarians.

14.023 The Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon will be an active presence in the state (OLA) and national (ACRL) associations. It will also develop and maintain links with other regional organizations such as the Washington Chapter of ACRL.


14.031 Membership is open to all individuals and institutions with an interest in academic libraries and librarianship who are members of the Oregon Library Association. The membership is a rolling, calendar year membership.

14.032 Members are eligible for all privileges of membership including the right to vote at membership meetings; the right to request action by the Board and officers; and the right to initiate business at membership meetings or meetings of the Board.

14.033 The Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon may charge dues as a condition of membership. Dues shall be determined by a vote of the membership under the same conditions as a bylaws change (see Section 14.10).


14.041 Three members will serve as officers: Vice-President (President-elect); President; and Past President.

14.042 Eligibility: Officers will be members of Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon, OLA, and national ACRL.

14.043 Length of term: Officers shall serve three years: the Vice President will serve one year in that office before assuming the office of President; the President will serve one year and to provide continuity, an additional year as Past President in an ex-officio capacity. Terms of office begin September 1.

14.044 In the event of the President's resignation or inability to serve out his/her term, the Vice President will assume the office early and complete the partial term as well as his/her own.

In the event the Vice President cannot serve or complete his/her term, a special election will be held by mail ballot or by electronic means to elect a new Vice President.  The timing of that election will be determined by the ACRL Oregon Board.

In the event that both the President and the Vice President resign or are unable to complete their terms, the OLA President will appoint an acting President until a special election can be held for both positions.

In the event the Past President is uanble to serve out the full year, the vacant position will remain unfilled.


14.051 A Board of thirteen members representing various types of academic libraries and geographic areas of Oregon will conduct the business of the Academic Division/ACRL- Oregon.

14.052 Composition: The Board consists of thirteen members: four at-large members elected by the membership; three appointed members representing community colleges, private colleges, and public universities; one member appointed as the Communications Coordinator; the State Library representative (appointed in consultation with the State Librarian); one member appointed as a Legislative Appointee, and the three officers. Appointments are made by the incoming President.

14.053 Length of term: Each member of the Board will serve a two-year term, commencing September 1, excepting the officers whose terms are three years.

14.054 Eligibility: All Board members must be members of OLA and the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon. Board members are eligible to succeed themselves.

14.055 Liaison to other academic and library groups: With the concurrence of the Board, the President may invite representatives from other groups to meet with the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon Board on a regular basis as non-voting members.

14.056 Vacancy: In the event that a Board member resigns or is unable to complete his/her term, the following procedure will be used to fill the vacancy: If the Board member appointed by the President, the President shall appoint a successor to complete the term; If the Board member was one elected by the membership, the Board will make a temporary appointment until the annual election is held.


14.061 The President will appoint at least two people from the Board to serve as the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will solicit suggestions for possible candidates for Vice-President (President Elect) and two members-at-large from the general membership and the Board. An invitation to express willingness to serve will be published in appropriate OLA publications. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of two candidates for each office.

Upon acceptance of the slate by the Board and no later than May 1, the ballots will be mailed or E-mailed to members. Ballots will be returned to the Nominating Committee within three weeks of mailing. Provision will be made for write-in candidates on the ballots. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. In the event of a tie vote for any office, the Nominating Committee will choose a name by blind draw. Results of the election will be announced no later than June 15.

14.062 Appointments: In odd years, the incoming President will appoint the members representing Public Universities, Private Colleges and a Legislative Appointee. In even years, the incoming President will appoint the members representing Community Colleges and the Communications Coordinator, and will confer with the State Librarian to appoint the State Library Representative.


14.071 The Board and Officers conduct the business of the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon. Each Board member and Officer has one vote.

14.072 The President is a voting member of the OLA Executive Board and acts as liaison between that Board and the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon Board.

The President or appointee of the Board represents ACRL-Oregon at Chapters Council at ALA Annual and Midwinter meetings.

The President presents an annual budget by the first Board meeting after assuming office for approval by the Board.

The President makes regular financial reports to the Board. The President prepares and submits an annual report on Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon activities to the OLA Executive Board and national ACRL.

14.073 The Board and Officers function as liaison between the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon and other academic and library groups, other ACRL Chapters and national ACRL. Specific representation will be determined by the Board.

14.074 The Board and Officers propose dues for membership in the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon. The membership votes to recommend changes in dues. Changes in dues are subject to approval by the OLA Executive Board. Registration fees for conferences and programs sponsored by the Academic Division/ACRL are determined by the Board in consultation with any co-sponsoring groups.

14.075 The Board and Officers function as liaison between ACRL-Oregon and other academic and library groups, other ACRL Chapters and national ACRL.

14.076 The Board and Officers will suggest members for OLA Committees to the OLA President where appropriate.

14.077 The Board and Officers propose dues for membership in ACRL-Oregon, and set registration fees for conferences and programs sponsored by the Chapter.

14.078 The Board and Officers will plan programs of interest to academic library personnel.

14.079 The Board and Officers may take a position on matters of concern to academic library personnel and libraries.


14.081 At least one business meeting of the general membership will be held annually. Other meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of at least ten members of the Academic Division/ACRL- Oregon. Except in cases of emergency, at least thirty days notice including time, place, and purpose shall by publicly announced.

14.082 A quorum shall consist of at least ten percent of the active members of the Academic Division/ACRL as determined by the OLA Membership records one week before any business meeting.

14.083 The Board and Officers will meet at least quarterly. Board meetings are open to the membership of ACRL and to members of OLA.

14.084 Although business may be conducted informally, if a question arises, parliamentary procedure as described in the latest edition of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure will be observed.


14.091 The President will act as liaison to the OLA Treasurer and will make regular financial reports to the Board and Officers.

14.092 The President presents an annual budget by the first Board meeting after assuming office for approval by the Board.

14.093 The Board may approve financial support to Board members for travel to Chapters Council, ACRL Legislative meetings, Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon Board meetings, or other events pertaining to the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon business if so charged by the Board or membership.

14.094 Upon the dissolution of Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon Chapter, the Board shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of the organization, dispose of all assets of the organization exclusively for the stated purposes of the organization.


14.101 Any Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon member can propose by-law amendments in writing if supported by the signatures of five other members. By-laws may be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the Academic Division/ACRL-Oregon members provided there is a quorum of ten percent of the active membership present. By-laws may also be adopted or amended by a majority of members responding to a mail ballot or E-mail ballot, providing that ten percent of the membership submits ballots. The Board shall specify the time for closing mail or E-mail balloting, but in no case shall it be less than three weeks after the mailing of the ballots. The closing time shall be stated clearly on the ballot. Copies of existing by-laws and any proposed new by-laws or amendments must be available to the membership at least two weeks prior to the vote.

14.102 Approved by-laws, revisions, and amendments shall be submitted to the OLA Executive Board and Parliamentarian for acceptance and inclusion in the OLA Procedure Manual.


14.111 The award shall be given to any person or group who has achieved excellence in the field by significantly improving Oregon academic libraries or librarianship. The award shall be called the ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence in recognition and celebration of the recipient's efforts.

14.112 Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Any individual or group in Oregon may apply or be nominated. Individuals or groups that include at least one employee of an academic library may be given priority consideration.
  2. Initiative or project that is the basis of the nomination must have occurred in the previous three years.
  3. This is not a lifetime achievement award.
  4. ACRL-Oregon membership is NOT required
  5. Nominee or Nominated group may include a member of the ACRL-Oregon Board; however s/he must recuse him/herself from the voting process.

14.113 The award may be given annually, if and when there is a deserving recipient(s). The award shall consist of an engraved plaque. The award shall be presented by either the ACRL-Oregon President or an ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence Committee Member at the ACRL-Oregon/Washington Fall Conference; the recipient(s) shall also be recognized at the Oregon Library Association (OLA) Awards Ceremony the following spring.


14.121 Nominations for the award (including self-nominations) shall be solicited from anyone, including but not limited to ACRL-Oregon members.

14.122 An ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence Committee shall be formed annually and shall be comprised of the President, Past President and two members of the ACRL-Oregon Board.

14.123 The ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence Committee shall select the recipient(s). The name of the recipient(s) shall be presented to the ACRL-Oregon Board as well as the OLA Executive Board and the Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Committee prior to the ACRL-Oregon/Washington Fall Conference.


14.131 ACRL-Oregon may approve a stipend of up to $150 to defray the cost of the recipient’s registration to attend the ACRL-Oregon/Washington Fall Conference in the award year. ACRL-Oregon may also approve a stipend of up to $150 to allow the recipient to attend the Award Ceremony at the annual OLA Conference the following year. In the case of a library or group winning the award, only one stipend, paid registration and plaque will be given to a designated member of the winning group. The stipend(s) shall be budgeted annually by ACRL-Oregon


14.141 Announcement of the award recipient(s) shall be publicized in the appropriate statewide, regional, and national library news media.

14.142 ACRL-Oregon shall keep written records of its activities and decisions The ACRL-Oregon President and the Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Committee Chair shall keep a cumulative list of award recipients with the year in which the award was given. A cumulative list of award recipients along with descriptions of written projects shall be available on the ACRL-Oregon website.


Last amended April 15, 2015