Chapter 35 - Grants, Contracts, and Partnership Procedures


35.01 OLA Units Seeking Outside Funding

35.011 Any OLA unit within the Association must obtain Executive Board approval prior to applying for or seeking any special funding or grant from a federal, state, or other outside agency. The Executive Board shall be notified of all requests for special funding or grants from any federal, state, or outside agency. A 6% admin fee will be added to grant budgets for an administration fee.

35.02 Evaluating Project Feasibility - In evaluating grant projects, the Executive Board shall assess the following:

35.021 Is the proposed project conceptually appropriate?

  • Does it fit within the parameters of OLA’s mission and strategic plan?
  • Does it provide necessary resources to OLA?
  • Does it constructively promote OLA and Oregon libraries?
  • Does it provide needed services to OLA and/or Oregon libraries?
  • Does it provide needed revenue to OLA and/or Oregon libraries?
  • Do the pros of pursuing the grant/project outweigh the cons?

35.022 Is the proposed project realistic?

  • Are deadlines for submitting the proposal realistic?
  • Has the feasibility of the proposal been determined through direct contact with the granting organization and/or through other means of evaluation?
  • Are the grant writing, management, and reporting requirements manageable?
  • Are staffing levels sufficient to successfully write, conduct, and report on the grant project?
  • Are staff hours considered a match or in kind contribution?
  • Have the following responsibilities been appropriately delegated to an Association representative and/or partnering agency?

35.023 Who is the person/unit assigned to do the following:

  • Writing the grant proposal
  • Carrying out all project activities
  • Fiscal administration
  • Fulfilling reporting requirements
  • Coordinating overall grant administration

35.03 Requirements Checklist

35.031 If the Executive Board determines that a proposed grant or project is both conceptually appropriate and realistic, prospective project partners or projects must meet the following requirements before submitting a proposal involving the Association:

35.0311 If the Association is to administer a grant and/or bear responsibility for its execution, a minimum of 10-30 percent of project funds (or other reasonable amount determined by the Association Manager or designee) should be allocated for associated administrative tasks, included but not limited to time allocated to grant writing, reporting, budgeting, record-keeping, etc.

35.0312 Any in-kind costs potentially incurred by the Association must be revealed to and agreed upon by the Association Manager or designee before any grant proposal involving the Association is submitted to potential funder(s).

35.0313 Exempting any in-kind costs agreed to by the Association Manager, project funds should cover all costs incurred by the Association for project expenses such as, but not limited to: accounting; human resources; information technology; telecommunications services; equipment; promotional materials; supplies; travel.

35.0314 Either the grant funding must fund appropriate staffing levels to complete the project, or partners must provide appropriate staffing to carry out the funded activities without putting an undue burden on Association staff.

35.0315 The roles of each partnering entity must be agreed upon and clearly spelled out in the grant itself, and/or in a memorandum of understanding.

35.04 Submitting an Application from the Association: Once a grant project is authorized by the Executive Board, the unit is authorized to complete the grant application, which the President shall sign. The Association Manager shall act as fiscal agent if such information is needed.

35.05 Grant Contracts

35.051 The OLA President shall sign grant contracts. The Association Manager signs as fiscal agent.

35.052 If a contract for work is part of a previously approved grant project, an OLA unit shall contact the OLA President with a draft of the contract. The OLA President affirms that the contract stems from a previously approved grant and signs the agreement.

35.06 Fulfilling Grant Requirements

35.061 As fiscal agent, the Association Manager will claim grant funds and submit grant financial reports, providing copies to the OLA unit that has the grant.

35.062 The OLA unit writes and submits the grant reports. The Association Manager will keep a timeline and remind OLA unit grantees of reporting responsibilities.

35.07 Endorsements for External Grant Projects

35.071 No Future Commitment from the Association: If an external contact approaches an OLA member or unit with a request to support a grant application, that member/unit shall approach the OLA President with a draft of endorsement letter. If the OLA President ascertains that the Association would have an interest in the nature of the project, and that there is no future financial commitment from the Association, s/he or designee shall inform the Executive Board of the request and decision then draft and sign an endorsement letter.

35.072 Future Commitment from OLA: If an external contact approaches an OLA member or unit with a request to support a grant application that requires personnel or financial support, the member/unit shall contact the OLA President with a draft of endorsement letter. The OLA President shall place the endorsement on the Executive Board agenda for discussion. Executive Board approval is required. The OLA President or designee should sign the endorsement.

35.08 Official Grant Files: An OLA unit shall keep an official grant file with signed originals. At the end of the grant, the file should be archived according to Association archive procedures. Financial records shall be kept by Association Manager and archived when designated by retention schedule.

35.09 Partnerships

35.091 Apply applicable procedures about grants and contracts to partnership agreement requests.


Last amended August 22, 2014