Chapter 4 - OLA Executive Board



4.011 The Executive Board acts for the Association during the intervals between annual meetings, determines current and long-range policies, directs the activities of all standing and special committees on behalf of the Association, and empowers the president to perform delegated responsibilities on behalf of the Association and the Executive Board.


4.021 The President shall set a schedule of regular meetings of the Executive Board to be held quarterly. In addition, the President may call a meeting in conjunction with the Annual Conference. Emergency meetings of the Executive Board may be called at the President's discretion.

4.022 The Vice President/President-elect may convene a planning retreat for incoming Executive Board members and Standing or Special Committee Chairs in the summer preceding the start of the official year.

4.023 Committee chairperson or the complete committee may be invited to attend the meeting of the Executive Board when plans are being formed relative to their committee work.


4.031 In recognition of the Association's very limited ability to support travel cost reimbursement for its leadership, all Executive Board members will be encouraged to seek institutional support for their travel costs in attending meetings of the Executive Board.

4.032 If members of the Executive Board do require travel cost reimbursement, the following policies shall apply. Round trip mileage to the city where the meeting is being held may be reimbursed at the current IRS business mileage rate after the first 100 miles of the round trip. The cost of one night's lodging up to a maximum of $50 may be reimbursed in cases where the distance traveled is so great that a one-day trip is not possible. Meal costs are not reimbursable.

4.033 These travel policies shall also apply to members of all Standing and Special Committees unless waived in specific instances by action of the Executive Board.


Last amended October 12, 2007