Chapter 43 - Conference Policy


43.01 Conference Funds

43.011 Conference funds and OLA unit funds are and should be separate.

43.012 Within 60 days of the last day of a pre-conference or workshop, funds shall be distributed to sponsoring units.

43.02 Conference and Workshop Budgets

43.021 Budget formulation is the responsibility of the appropriate OLA unit chair (or individual designated by the OLA unit chair) planning the event. Conferences are expected to earn a profit. Workshops must be planned on a cost recovery basis. It is recommended that non-members shall be charged a higher registration fee than members. The Association units may assess registration/administrative fees, or fees determined to be more appropriate, per registrant for all events handled by the OLA office. Units should check with the Association Manager for the current recommended fee amounts.

43.022 All bills must be submitted to the OLA office within sixty days of the event to receive payment.

43.021 The Conference Committee budget (including projected program expenses) must be submitted to the Executive Board for approval and must come to the Board for approval of additional expenses above 10%. Consequently, the Conference Committee needs early input from committees and divisions for programming and budget.

43.03 Refund Policy

43.031 A service charge will be applied to all cancellations. Only written cancellations received by the Conference Committee or sponsoring Unit one week prior to the start of event will be honored. Refunds will be processed and mailed within 30 days after the event. Units should check with the Association Manager for the current recommended service charge amount.

43.032 The refund policy will appear on the registration form.

43.04 Fees

43.041 Exhibit fees, registration fees, and any other charges shall be determined by the Conference Committee or sponsoring Unit(s).

43.042 Fees for Friends, Trustees, students and unemployed shall be at a reduced rate.

43.05 Site Selection

43.051 The selection of conference or workshop sites shall be determined upon appropriate facilities as well as convenience for interested members.

43.05 Honorariums

43.051 Per 9.036, Association members shall not receive honoraria or free registration for participating as speakers or panel members at conferences or workshops. They will not be required to pay registration if they only attend the session or pre-conference at which they present. Daily or full registration is required if they attend other conference or workshop activities such as food functions, exhibits, or sessions.

43.06 Pre-conferences

43.061 Pre-conferences shall be limited to six or fewer. Proposals from OLA units will be reviewed and the Conference Committee will select the pre-conferences based upon quality, balance with other conference offerings, and need for the extended time period. No OLA unit shall be the primary sponsor of more than one pre-conference.


Last amended August 22, 2014