Chapter 5 - Officers



5.011 Duties

5.0111 Assumes responsibility for and general direction of the Association. Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0112 Calls and presides over the maeetings of the Executive Board. Presides over business sessions of the annual meeting of the Association

5.0113 Appoints chairperson and members of all standing committees, subject to approval of the Executive Board, and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees. Develops charge to the committee and provides instructions on mailings, budgets, and reports.

5.0114 Appoints a Parliamentarian who is not an Executive Board member but may be asked to sit in on any Board meeting.

5.0115 Appoints special committees, subject to the approval of the Executive Board and defines the duties of each committee at the time of appointment. Develops charge to the committee and provides instructions on mailing, budgets, and reports.

5.0116 Plans a budget to present at meetings of the Executive Board.

5.0117 May, with approval of the Executive Board, call special meetings of the Association when deemed necessary.

5.0118 Maintains general supervision over committees; requests reports of progress from time to time; expresses thanks on completion of work.

5.0119 Recommends changes in the Constitution and By-Laws as the Board decides and the need arises and refers these to the Parliamentarian for action.

5.01110 Works with the President-Elect in preparation for assuming the responsibilities of President.

5.01111 Appoints, when necessary, an alternate for the Association's Representative on the Board of Directors of PNLA. If the position becomes vacant before the expiration of a term of office, appoints a member to serve until the remainder of the term is provided for at the next annual election.

5.01112 Fills in and returns questionnaire from the U.S. Office of Education when this is asked for by that office.

5.01113 Helps make plans for the annual meeting of the Association. Plans business sessions in detail.

5.01114 Receives from the Nominating Committee Chairperson the list of new officers to be introduced at the first business meeting of the annual conference.

5.01115 Notifies the duly elected officers of their election as soon as the returns are in. Also, notifies those not elected of the results of the election.

5.01116 Checks minutes from the sectional meetings at the annual meeting to ascertain names of officers and to be informed on action taken during the conference.

5.01117 Keeps record of expenses and presents bill to the Treasurer before the close of the fiscal year.

5.01118 Appoints lobbyist, if necessary, during legislative year, with approval of the Board and the Development and Legislation Committee.

5.01119 Supports other organizations in a manner appropriate to the interests and issues of the Association.

5.012 President's Duties - By Calendar

5.0121 General

5.01211 Becomes familiar with materials in President's files.

5.01212 Checks minutes of the previous annual meeting to determine continuing matters of business.

5.01213 Selects Standing Committees to be presented to the Executive Board for approval. If desired, approval for these appointments may be secured by a mail vote of the Executive Board. The President can then proceed to appoint.

5.01214 Selects Special Committees. Upon approval by the Executive Board, by mail if desired, the President can proceed to appoint.

5.01215 Canvasses opinion of the membership in any possible way and draws up a program of action for the year to submit to the Executive Board.

5.0122 August - October

5.01221 Plans a budget to present at a meeting of the Executive Board for discussion, amendment, and adoption.

5.01222 Plans and calls meetings of the Executive Board. Prior to the meeting, sends notices, enclosing agenda and list of members of the Board, to each member. Advises the Secretary to take minutes, to submit the first draft to the President and, upon presidential approval, to send copies to members of the Executive Board and to the chair of the Publications Committee soon after the meeting. Advises the Secretary on any matter which requires work in regard to minutes or letters.

5.01223 Conducts meetings of the Executive Board.

5.01224 Reviews minutes of meetings of the Executive Board, makes appointments, and attends to other business originated by the Executive Board.

5.0123 December - April

5.01231 Plans the annual conference with advice of the Board. Has an Executive Board meeting in January or February.

5.01232 Works closely with the Conference Chairperson.

5.0124 April or May - Annual Conference

5.01241 Plans and presides at business sessions of the Association.

5.01242 Submits statement of year's expenses to the Treasurer

5.01243 Confers with all outgoing officers to ensure all reports are compiled and delivered to the appropriate office

5.0125 Post-Conference Duties

5.01251 Meets with Program Chairperson, incoming President and other necessary chairpersons, to check results.

5.01252 Sends letters of thanks to individuals who helped arrange and contributed to the conference as a personal courtesy.

5.01253 Segregates files of papers into active and inactive material. Eliminates any unnecessary correspondence which need not be saved. Deposits the inactive file with the State Library.

5.01254 Writes history of his or her year for inclusion in the Historical record of OLA. This should include accomplishments, and names of officers and committee members, etc.

5.01255 Turns over the President's files to the incoming President.


5.021 Duties

5.0211 Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0212 Acts in the absence of the President. If the President vacates the office for any reason, the President-Elect would complete the term. Normally assumes the office of the President at the end of term of Vice-President.

5.0213 Represents the President upon request.

5.0214 Keeps in close touch with the President throughout the year to aid in solving Association problems and prepares to assume duties and obligations of the Presidency.


5.031 Duties

5.0311 Serves as a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0312 Is responsible for handling OLA correspondence pertaining to this office. The President may call upon the Secretary to help with other correspondence, insofar as distance between them may permit. Both persons should agree upon the division of work.

5.0313 Keeps a file of current minutes, pertinent correspondence and communication, including any official correspondence from any Executive Board.

5.0314 Keeps a list of the names and addresses of members of the Executive Board and of the Committee and Division Chairpersons, and notifies them concerning OLA business at the instruction of the President.

5.0315 Keeps minutes of all Board meetings and submits final minutes to the Association Manger to be posted on the OLA web site after receiving approval from the Board.

5.0316 Keeps a record of attendance at Board meetings.

5.0317 May tape the minutes of the Executive Board and use the tapes in preparation of the typed minutes. The tapes are retained until the typed minutes have been approved.

5.0318 Proceeds with general correspondence as instructed by the Executive Board and the President.

5.03110 Keeps a record of secretarial expenses and submits a statement of the same for the year to the Treasurer. Expenses may cover such items as stamps, papers, secretary's notebooks, telephone calls, etc.

5.03111 Makes notifications to regional and national library associations as necessary or as directed by the President.

5.032 Duties Pertaining to Annual Conference

5.0321 Takes minutes of OLA general business meetings.

5.033 Final Duties

5.0331 May confer with the President on what material from the Secretary's files will have permanent value.

5.0332 Material needed by the incoming Secretary should be held in order to be transferred.

5.0333 Material which is of historical value should be deposited with the State Library.


5.041 Duties

5.0411 Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0412 Shall perform duties pertaining to office and such other duties as may be approved by the Executive Board.

5.0413 Is required to furnish bond to be purchased by the Association and deposited in the vault at the State Library.

5.0414 Pays bills in accordance with the approved annual budget upon receipt of proper documentation from officers, unit officers, or committee chairs.

5.0415 Countersigns checks over $200

5.0416 Works closely with OLA's association management contractor to insure competent management of the Association's finances.

5.0417 Monitors Association's lobbying expenditures to assure compliance with IRS guidelines outlined in IRS Form 5768 (filed 4/96).

5.0418 Prepares a financial statement which is presented to the membership for acceptance at the annual conference.

5.0419 Presents a financial statement at each meeting of the Executive Board with copies to each member of the Board and at other times on request of the President.

5.0420 Places funds in excess of needs for current expenses in a savings account, certificate of deposit or money market account until needed.


5.051 Duties

5.0511 Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0512 Recommends a site for the annual conference in the third year after the completion of his/her term, and negotiates a contract for the site.

5.0513 Shall be available to the new President for advice or counsel.

5.0514 Shall advise the new Board of actions of the preceding Board.


5.061 Duties

5.0611 Is appointed by the President. Shall not be an administrative member who supervises more than three full-time librarians.

5.0612 Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

5.0613 Represents all members in accordance with personal commitments and as the need arises.


5.071 Term of Office

5.0711 One year or until successor is appointed and has qualified for the office.

5.072 Duties

5.0721 Attends Executive Board meetings when asked by the President, does not vote.

5.0722 Attends all general business meetings at the annual conference

5.0723 Advises the President of correct parliamentary procedure as the need arises.

5.0724  Passes on constitutionality of any action and does not allow unconstitutional action to take place

5.0725 Is appointed by the President and is not officially a member of the Executive Board.

5.0726 Is responsible for revision and updating of the Procedure Manual.

5.0727 Recommends revision of the Constitution and By-Laws as the need arises.

5.0728 Keeps an official constitution with revisions up-to-date.

5.0729 Provides reprints or revised editions when necessary.

5.07210 Sees that the OLA Constitution does not conflict with those of ALA or PNLA and makes revisions when changes are made in those constitutions.

5.07211 Prepares a written report about revisions to the President for his approval before presenting to the members.

5.07212 Prepares a copy of any changes in Constitution or By-Laws to be inserted in the folders of the members at the annual meeting to be acted upon at that time.

5.07213 Is responsible for updating the Procedure Manual and sees that all officers and chairpersons of committees have copies of the current edition, which may be collected from outgoing members and updated as necessary.

5.07214 Sends revised Constitution and By-Laws to ALA Headquarters, as requested by ALA Chapter members.


5.081 Duties

5.0811 Represents OLA on the ALA Council and is a member in good standing in both organizations.

5.0812 Is a voting member of the OLA Executive Board

5.0813 The term of office for ALA Representative is for three (3) years. Elected by OLA members who are also members of ALA. See ALA By-Laws Article 3, Section IV.

5.0814 If the office becomes vacant, a replacement will be elected as provided in the By-Laws.

5.0815 The fiscal year of ALA is from September 1 to August 31. The representative shall assume office on the September following his or her election in the spring.

5.0816 Advises ALA on committee appointments

5.0817 Is responsible for writing the "Oregon" article for the ALA Yearbook.

5.0818 Is responsible for ALA membership promotion at the OLA annual conference.


5.091 Duties

5.0911 To keep OLA Membership informed of  continuing education opportunities through NW Central clearinghouse.

5.0912 To serve as OLA representative to NW Central Executive Board, to help develop clearinghouse interface and content and to evaluate needs of and recommended areas that OLA can be of service in sponsoring and posting continuing education workshops on a local, state, or regional level.

5.0913 To attend OLA Executive Board meetings as a non-voting member

5.092 Appointment

5.0921 Is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.


5.101  Duties

5.1011 Is a voting ex-officio member of the Executive Board  

5.1012 Advises the Executive Board on legislative matters, business to be considered in regard to the State Library and libraries at large.


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