Chapter 6 - Standing Committees



6.011 Duties

6.0111 Plans and executes the program for the annual meeting.  The Chairperson and/or the chair's representative works in close cooperation with the President.

6.0112 The Chairperson is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.  The Conference Committee shall have a flexible number of members depending on need.  The members of the committee are selected as provided in the conference procedure directions. The President shall be a member of the Conference Committee with the specific responsibility of providing liaison between the OLA Executive Board and the Conference Committee.


6.021 Duties

6.0211 Aids the development of the Association's position on Intellectual Freedom, to interpret this position to the public, and to act in support of this position.

6.0212 Informs the membership of any pending legislation that would strengthen the positions of libraries and other (media) avenues of communication as instruments of knowledge and culture in a free society, to present its recommendations, and to tender the Association's support of such legislation.

6.0213 Informs the membership of any pending legislation that would jeopardize the freedom of the press and the freedom of inquiry; to inform legislators of the Association's point of view, and to appear before the Legislature in opposition to any bill which would abridge the citizen's freedom to read.

6.0214 In cases of public controversy over censorship to determine the facts, develops a statement of the Association's position in relation to the controversy, and to present the Association's position to all interested parties, including the press, when this is judged wise or necessary.

6.0215 Encourages libraries to each develop and officially adopt a selection policy that reflects diverse points of view and to collect and make available examples of materials selection policies for all types of libraries.

6.0216 To develop liaison with other statewide organizations interested in intellectual freedom for the purpose of working jointly to defend intellectual freedom and, when necessary, to issue joint statements.

6.0217 Shall consist of nine members.

6.022 Chairperson

6.0221 Is appointed for a two-year term by the President with the approval of the Executive Board

6.0222 Is responsible for the organization of the work of the committee.

6.0223 Is an ex-officio member of the Library Development and Legislation Committee.

6.0224 Prepares a report for the annual conference.


6.031 Duties

6.0311 Establishes plans for improvement of libraries in Oregon through study and recommendation of plans for the use of state and federal funds; exploration of other sources of funding, e.g., foundation grants. Establishes priorities for legislative action which may affect all types of libraries in Oregon.

6.0312 Is responsible for library legislation on the local, state, and national level.

6.0313 Alerts librarians to proposed legislation affecting libraries and librarians.

6.0314 Works with the lobbyist who is appointed by the Executive Board.

6.0315 May be invited to meet with the Executive Board.

6.0316 Performance of other duties as assigned by the Executive Board or the President.

6.0317 Shall consist of nine members.

6.032 Chairperson

6.0321 Is appointed by the President for a two-year term by the President with the approval of the Executive Board

6.0322 Is responsible for the organization of the work of the committee.

6.0323 Prepares a report for the annual conference.

6.0324 May continue to function during a legislative year until the Oregon Legislature adjourns in order to provide continuous effort with guiding legislation through the legislature.

6.0325 Is an ex-officio member of the Intellectual Freedom Committee

6.033 Members

6.0331 The President will appoint 9 members at large.  The OLA President, the Vice-President/President-Elect, The State Librarian, the OLA Lobbyist, the ACRL-OR Legislative Appointee and the Network Coordinator shall serve as ex-officio non-voting members.  The Chairperson will be appointed for a two-year term.


6.041 Duties

6.0411 Endeavors to secure new members for the Association and to retain current members by engaging them in the activities of the Association. Special effort should be made to contact those new to the state and the profession to express OLA's interest in them and to explain what the Association can offer them.

6.0412 Works with the Association's Manager to ensure the processing of memberships, and the maintenance and distribution of the membership information. (See Chapter 8--Membership Procedures.)

6.0413 Produces and distributes a variety of membership recruitment and retention tools that target new and former members

6.0414 Receives lists of new members and non-renewing members from the Association Manager. Endeavors to actively engage new members in the activities of the Association and to recruit members from the lists of non-renewing members.

6.0415 Shall consist of at least three members.

6.042 Chairperson

6.0421 Formulates the plans for the year's campaign and divides the work among the committee members.

6.0422 Prepares notices to appear in appropriate OLA and other publications.

6.0423 Prepares materials to be used such as letters welcoming new members, membership brochure, and renewal notices. Ensures inclusion of new units and updates dues information in membership brochure.

6.0424 Works with the Association Manager to resolve any problems or issues concerning membership records or processing.

6.0425 Informs the Association Manager of any Honorary Life Memberships conferred by OLA.


6.051 Duties

6.0511 Solicits news from OLA Board and units, solicits news of Oregon librarians, library staff, and other-related activities for publication in the OLA Hotline newsletter.

6.0512 Exercises selection and editing authority over Hotline submissions and final product.

6.0513 Works with Association Manger to publish communications.

6.0514 Manages all aspects of the publication of Oregon Library Association Quarterly (OLAQ).

6.0515 Selects theme and guest editor(s) for each issue.  Coordinates issues and timelines with the OLAQ designer.

6.0516 Sends email notification to members when OLAQ is available on the OLA website and maintains a full archive of the OLAQ on the Website.

6.0517 As OLAQ issues are made available, submits them to the database vendors that have licenses the publication for inclusion in full text databases.

6.0518 Shall consist of at least four members; one OLAQ Coordinator, one OLA Hotline Coordinator, one Advertising Coordinator, and the Association Manager.  The Chair may concurrently hold one of the Coordinator positions.  Additional members may be added to the committee as directed by the Board or upon request of other committee members.

6.052 Chairperson

6.0521 Is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

6.0522 Is responsible for the organization of the work of the committee.

6.0523 Is responsible for an annual report of activities.

6.0524 Prepares an annual budget.

6.0525 Assures that archival copies of the OLAQ and OLA Hotline are made available on the OLA Website and submitted to the OLA Archives at the Oregon State Library.

6.0526 In conjunction with the Executive Board, develops editorial policy and advertising rates for the OLA Hotline and the OLAQ.  See Chapter 42.


6.061 Duties

6.0611 Shall have charge of the conduct of the regular and special elections and the counting and tabulation of all votes cast. Will submit a press release to the OLA Hotline for the January issue requesting suggestions for nominees and petition nominees; will determine a slate of nominees in February; will submit candidates' statements for the OLA Hotline in the April issue; will insure that candidates are introduced and that information about the candidates is available at the annual conference

6.062 Procedures

6.0621 Submits a press release to the OLA Hotline in a timely manner and no later than the January 15 issue requesting suggestions for nominees for open positions and petitioning for self-selected nominees;

6.0622 Pursues leads from Hotline and recommendations from other sources; determine a slate of nominees in February;

6.0623 Submits candidates' statements for the OLA Hotline in the April 1 issue

6.0624 Ensures that candidates are introduced and that information about the candidates is available at the annual conference

6.0625 Conducts election and report results to President.

6.0626 After President informs successful candidates of their election, publishes an announcement in Hotline.

6.0627 Shall have three members.

6.063 Chairperson

6.0631 Is the immediate Past-President of OLA; if a Past-President is unable to serve for good cause, a Chair is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board (See Chapter 3, Section 3.0411)

6.0632 Is responsible for the organization of and the work of the committee.


6.071 Duties

6.0711 Promotes and highlights works by Oregon authors.

6.0712 Maintains a website with information about Oregon authors.

6.0713 Shall consist of the number of members necessary to carry out duties of the committee.  A minimum of three members, including the committee chair, is recommended.


6.081 Duties

6.0811 Solicits nominations for Association awards in various categories; makes selections of recipients

6.0812 Provides oversight for the MLS Scholarship Selection Committee (See Section 6.14.)

6.0813 The committee shall have five to members appointed by the President of OLA with the approval of the Executive Board. (See Chapter 3, section 3.0527) One position on the committee will be filled by a liaison person who is currently a member of the OLA Continuing Education Committee. One of the five will be designated by the President as Chairperson of the committee.

6.082 Chairperson

6.0821 Is appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

6.0822 Serves as a liaison between the committee and the Executive Board of OLA.

6.0823 Directs the activities of the committee.

6.0824 Submits reports concerning the progress and accomplishments of the committee to the Executive Board.

6.0825 Checks applications of award candidates for completeness and maintains files of applications for committee review.

6.0826 Authorizes disbursement of award monies in the following manner:

6.0827 Upon incurring expenses, the recipient will forward a copy of receipts or statement of expenses to the chairperson of the Honors, Awards, and Scholarship Committee who, in turn, will notify the Treasurer of OLA.

6.0828 Maintains records of scholarships and awards.

6.0829 Appoints a committee secretary to take minutes of each meeting.

6.083 Responsibilities of the Honors, Awards, and Scholarship Committee

6.0831 Produces and distributes all publicity concerning scholarships and awards.

6.0832 Reviews all applications submitted for scholarships and awards.

6.0833 Submits through its chairperson written notification of awards recipients to the Executive Board President, to be otherwise kept secret until announced at the annual conference

6.0834 Solicits funds for the scholarships, and study means by which additional monies might be acquired for educational purposes.

6.084 Procedure

6.0841 Schedules committee meetings.

6.0842 Prepares publicity and produces and distributes application forms.

6.0843 Establishes deadlines.

6.0844 Determines criteria for selection of recipients.

6.0845 Selects scholarship and award recipients.

6.085 Regulations for the Oregon Library Association Scholarship Awards
Passed by the 1978-79 Awards Committee.

6.0851 The applicant must be an OLA member.

6.0852 The applicant must take continuing education in Oregon. This continuing education may take the form of:

  • Library technical courses at community colleges.
  • Library courses at colleges or universities, taken either for credit or audit.
  • Workshops.
  • Library "circuit riders" who would offer practical programs in which a qualified person works with small library staffs.
  • Correspondence courses.
  • Internships.
  • Practicums.
  • Other acceptable alternative programs.

6.0853 In the event that any applicant chosen to receive an award is unable to use the money for the forth-coming year, the money will revert to the committee.

6.0854 Special consideration will be given to individuals employed in Oregon libraries who do not hold library degrees.

6.0855 A letter of recommendation must be written by the applicant's supervisor or a person who has knowledge of the applicant's goals in connection with library employment

6.0856 Any additional supportive data the candidate wants to submit will be considered by the committee.

6.0857 Each application must be accompanied by evidence of workshop, course, seminar, program, etc., and an itemized list of costs or expenses.

6.0858 The application and the letter of recommendation should be sent to:

  • Chairperson
  • Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Committee
  • Oregon Library Association
  • Address
  • Phone Number

6.0859 Several scholarships will be granted. The amount of each scholarship will be determined by the specific educational proposal of the applicant and availability of funds.

6.08510 Each recipient should forward a facsimile of receipts to the chairperson for reimbursement of expenses, along with the evaluation form.

6.086 History of the Memorial Scholarship Fund

6.0861 The Marcia M. Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1952 in honor of the life and service given by Miss Hill to promote the cause of library work in Oregon. She was a long-time member of the Oregon State Library staff and before that at the Josephine County Library.

6.0862 In May 1959, following the death of Miss Eleanor Stephens (State Librarian 1941-1959), it was voted that the Marcia M. Hill Scholarship Fund be named the "Memorial Scholarship Fund" and that the awards made from this fund be named in honor of Marcia Hill and Eleanor Stephens in alternate years beginning with the Marcia Hill award in 1959.

6.0863 This alternate year's™ award was given from 1957 through 1967, after which the scholarship was named the Stephens-Hill Memorial Scholarship.

6.0864 In 1977, responding to a charge by the OLA President, the Scholarship Committee decided to support a variety of educational programs instead of one traditional scholarship to a graduate library school student. Special consideration was to be given to persons who did not hold library degrees. In April 1978, eight such grants were awarded.

6.0865 In 1979, the committee changed its name to Honors, Awards, and Scholarship Committee to more accurately reflect the direction of the committee's work. At the same time the committee decided to set quarterly deadlines for awards applications and quarterly awards of monies, instead of the traditional grant of awards only at the time of the OLA conference.

6.0866 In 2007, an MLS Scholarship Selection Committee (See 6.12) and an MLS Scholarship Advisory Committee (See 6.13) were formed to separate the management of the educational scholarship program from the Honors, Awards and Scholarships Committee, except for such small scholarships as might arise for conference attendance or for other ad hoc educational events.

6.09 Blank


6.101 Duties

6.1011 Works with the OLA Executive Board, and the Honors, Awards and Scholarship (HAS) Committee to develop objective selection criteria that reflect the purpose of the MLS Scholarship program.

6.1012 Reviews applications for the MLS scholarship.

6.1013 Ensures that all scholarships are awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis using a procedure that has been approved in advance by the OLA Executive Board and the other responsible committees.

6.1014 Recommends qualified candidates for both initial and continuing scholarship awards.

6.102 Membership and Terms of Service

6.1021 The MLS Scholarship Selection Committee will consist of 6 members serving 3-year terms, appointed by the OLA Executive Board with nominations from the HAS Committee. (See Chapter 3, Section 3.05213)

6.1022 Selection Committee membership will be drawn from around the state and will include members from local libraries, library foundations, friends of the library groups, and the general public.

6.1023 The majority of committee members must represent the general public and can not be major donors or contributors.

6.1024 The sponsoring organization (OLA) appoints all of the members of the committee and any major donor or contributor's advice is given solely as a member of the committee.

6.1025 Any major donors or contributors, and parties related to same, do not control the committee directly or indirectly; and

6.1026 Members may serve no more than two consecutive full three-year terms.

6.1027 An OLA HAS Committee member or designee may serve as liaison to the Oregon Student Assistance Commission and as an ex officio member of the Selection Committee.

6.103 Meetings

6.1031 The Selection Committee will meet at least once a year in the spring to select scholarship award recipients for the coming academic year. Additional meetings may be scheduled for training purposes or when the number of recipients dictates.

6.104 Oversight

6.1041 The HAS Committee, as delegated by the OLA Executive Board will provide primary oversight for the MLS Scholarship Selection Committee.

6.11 Finance/Investment Committee

6.111 Duties

6.1111 The Finance/Investment Committee reviews all fiscal policies and procedures, responding to direction from the Executive Board.

6.1112 The Committee serves as the consulting body for the Treasurer, the Executive Board, and the Association Manager in such areas as Association investments, the budget, and other financial concerns of the Association.

6.111 The Finance/Investment Committee is an administrative committee which consists of the OLA Treasurer, the OASL Treasurer, and a minimum of four other members drawn from the Executive Board and outside members with investing interest/background. Committee members are appointed to two-year, staggered terms. The President and the Association Manager serve as ex-officio, non-voting members.

6.112 Chair

6.1121 The OLA Treasurer shall act as Chair of the Finance/Investment Committee.

6.12 Leadership Committee

6.121 The Leadership Committee provides opportunities for the development of leadership abilities of  all OLA members. It oversees leadership development opportunities for the OLA membership,  including creating and managing leadership trainings and programs, as well serving as leadership  mentors.

6.122 Duties

6.1221 Participate in a continuous learning community focused on leadership.

6.1222 Develop and/or refine leadership trainings. Trainings may take various forms and be held in  various locations throughout the state or virtually.

6.1223 Facilitate and lead leadership trainings.

6.1224 Promote leadership development opportunities available to the membership

6.1225 Shall consist of at least three members

6.123 Chairperson

6.1231 Is appointed by the President.

6.1232 Is responsible for the organization of the work of the committee.

6.1233 Is responsible for an annual report of activities.

6.1234 Prepares an annual budget.


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