International Relations Round Table (IRRT)


IRRT's objective is to provide a framework for information sharing among librarians, library staff and library supporters interested in international librarianship activities at all types of libraries. The IRRT aims to increase communication among OLA members about international visits, exchanges and programs in which OLA members are involved.

 Annual Meeting minutes:

2018 Annual Meeting at OLA, April 20, 2018

2017 Annual Meeting in Portland, May 31, 2017



2017/2018 IRRT Officers

Chair: Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Chair Elect/Secretary: Linda Campillo, Wilson High School, Portland Public Schools


2016/2017 IRRT Officers

Co-Chair/Treasurer: Jennifer Cox, Art Institute of Portland
Co-Chair: Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.
Chair Elect/Secretary:
Past ChairLinda Campillo, Wilson High School, Portland Public Schools

2015/2016 IRRT Officers

Chair/TreasurerLinda Campillo, Wilson High School, Portland Public Schools
Chair Elect/Secretary: Jennifer Cox, Art Institute of Portland
Past ChairLori Wamsley, Portland Community College





The Horner Library Staff Exchange Program

The Horner Library Staff Exchange Project is an exchange of library staff between the Fujian Province, China, and Oregon, for the purpose of sharing professional knowledge about library and information science. It was established through a generous gift by the late Dr. Layton Horner to the Oregon State Library and continues through a relationship with the Oregon Library Association International Relations Roundtable. Our international partners are the Fujian Provincial Library and the Fujian Library Association. Fujian is Oregon’s sister province in China, and the Fujian Provincial Library maintains a sister library relationship with the Oregon State Library.  The 2013 blog and 2010 blog provide a look into the most recent trips to the Fujian Province libraries.

The IRRT's 2016 Horner Exchange delegates were:

  • Jian Wang (translator) is an Electronic & Continuing Resources Librarian at Portland State University.

  • Richard Sapon-Whiteis Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services at Oregon State University.

  • Veronica Vichit-Vadakan is a Systems Librarian at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

  • Victoria Heidushchke is our alternate.  She is the Library Experience Coordinator at Oregon State University.

The OLA IRRT Horner Exchange committee hosted four delegates from the Fujian Provincial Library in late spring of 2016.

Our delegates traveled to the Fujian Province in October and November of 2016  Because this was the 20th anniversary of the founding of the exchange, they were also joined for one week by Mary Kay Dahlgreen, State Librarian at the Oregon State Library,  Amy Lee, Public Services Manager of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries, and Rosalind Wang, retired, Multnomah County Libraries and Portland State University which made for quite an impressive group of Oregon librarians visiting the Fujian Province! 


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