NMRT Bylaws

Chapter 2 - Oregon Library Association Bylaws

2.042 Round Tables

2.0421 The Executive Board may authorize the formation of Round Tables.  Any special group desiring Round Table status may request approval of the Executive Board, subject to the following provisions:
  1. Submit a petition requesting Round Table status demonstrating interest by at least twenty-five Active or Honorary Life members.
  2. Receive a majority vote of the Executive Board and the Round Table.

Round Tables shall be structured as delineated in the Round Tables chapter of the OLA Procedures Manual.

2.043 Responsibility

2.0431 Any authorized Division or Round Table shall be responsible to the Executive Board and shall keep it advised of activities, policies, purposes, and finances.  An annual report shall be submitted to the Executive Board at the end of the Association year. Any changes to the Division or Round Table's bylaws must be submitted for approval by the Executive Board.

2.044 Dues

2.0441 Dues may be recommended by the membership of a Division or Round Table, and the amount shall be subject to Executive Board approval. Division and Round Table dues shall be included on the OLA membership form and shall be remitted to the Association.

2.045 Dissolution

2.0451 If no annual report is filed by a Division or Round Table for two consecutive years, the Executive Board will review the Division or Round Table's mission and activities.  If warranted the Executive Board may suspend the Division or Round Table for one year.

2.0452 If a petition requesting reinstatement demonstrating interest by a minimum of twenty-five Active or Honorary Life members is submitted to the Executive Board within one year of the Division or Round Table's suspension, it will be reinstated.

2.0453 If no activity is reported within the year's suspension, the Executive Board may dissolve the Division or Round Table.


Chapter 10 - Round Table and Bylaws

10.011 OLA has the following active Round Tables......

10.0114 New Member Round Tables (NMRT): The objectives of the round table are to provide opportunities, programs, and leadership activities to encourage involvement by those new to OLA or the profession.


10.021 Unless otherwise stated in this article, membership in Round Tables shall be opened to any OLA member interested in the objectives of the round table.

10.022 Membership in the following Round Tables is restricted as noted.

10.0221 Past Presidents Round Table (PPRT): Membership in PPRT shall be open to all OLA members who are past presidents of, OLA or an equivalent in another state, OASL (Oregon Association of School Libraries) - prior to its merger with OLA on July 1, 2012 - or its equivalent in another state, PNLA (Pacific Northwest Library Association) or its equivalent in another region, ALA (American Library Association) or any of its divisions, or an international professional library association.

10.023 A Round Table may establish or amend dues if approved by its membership and the OLA Executive Board.


10.031 Each Round Table shall have at least a Chair and Vice-Chair.

10.032. The Chair shall be elected annually on or near the Round Table's annual meeting. The Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Chair and approved by the membership, or elected by the membership.

10.033 The term of office shall be one year or until a successor is elected or appointed.

10.034 In the case of a vacancy in the office of Chair, a special election shall be held to fill the position. In the case of a vacancy in the office of Vice-Chair, the Chair shall appoint a new individual to the office to be approved by the membership. In the case that there are no nominations for the special election to fill the Chair position, the OLA Executive Board may appoint a new Chair.


10.041 Each Round Table shall hold at least one meeting annually.

10.042 Other meetings may be called by the Chair or by petition of at least five members.

10.043 At least ten percent or 3 people, whichever is higher, of the active membership of the Round Table shall constitute a quorum.

10.044 Minutes shall be taken at each meeting of the Round Table. The Vice-Chair or designee shall take the minutes, which shall be made available to the membership.


10.051 Every Round Table shall submit an annual report to the OLA Executive Board at the end of the Association year.

10.052 This chapter may be amended by a majority vote of the OLA Executive Board. Revisions may be presented to the Executive Board by any Round Table. The OLA Parliamentarian shall check with Round Tables affected by the changes to ensure they are amenable.