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Vice President/President Elect

  Esther Moberg

Name/Current Position and Library:

  • Esther Moberg, Library Director, Seaside Public Library


College and Post-Graduate Education (school, degree, year):

  •  Currently working on ALA CPLA certificate

  • Emporia State University (Emporia, KS - Portland, OR Cohort SLIM6) MLS (2007)
  • Northwestern College (St. Paul, MN) BS Organizational Administration (2003)

OLA Involvement (Committee/Year)

  • CSD Summer Reading Chair 2010

  • Evelyn Sibley Lampman Award Committee chair 2012 & 2016

  • ARL OLA Academic Division Fall 2012 Conference session presenter
  • OLA Support Services Division Conference 2012 session presenter
  • OLA/WLA 2013 Joint Conference session presenter
  • OLA conference 2015 session co-presenter
  • OLA conference committee 2016-2017

Other Professional Involvement:

  • Newspaper articles: Eugene Register Guard Book picks 2008-2012 & "Between the Covers" monthly column - Seaside Signal newspaper 2013-to present
  • Clatsop Kinder Ready Committee (P-3 Early Learning Hub Clatsop County) 2013-to present
  • Libraries Reading Outreach in Clatsop County - Chair 2017
  • Clatsop Community College Executive Board 2014-2019
  • Oregon Digital Library Consortium Chair 2016 & 2018


Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to your carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected:

  • Ability to Prioritize - As a Library Director and secondary Public Information Officer for the City of Seaside, I've often had to cut to the chase and optimize my time through prioritizing.
  • Plays well with others - I'm a team player and I always look for ways to find solutions, not problems.
  • Timely - I believe in setting goals and a timeline and working ahead to achieve those goals.  I always meet my deadlines.
  •  Personal belief in the importance of OLA: I firmly believe in the role of libraries both now and in the future. I think Librarians need more publicity in their proactive role in society, showing how words, ideas, and information are the resources that Librarians and Library paraprofessionals curate best. I believe having a statewide organization that supports, encourages, and empowers libraries across the state is extremely important.
  •  I always look for opportunities to serve or give back as so many other Librarians have so graciously given to me of their time and expertise. 

Statement of “Why I would like to work in this OLA position”:

I believe everyone should give back to OLA.

Statewide as a resource, the great brain trust of librarians and library resources is staggering when we all work together. I think our ongoing success is in the sharing of ideas and information.

From what I have seen of libraries in Oregon, we are significant, relevant, and we have re-energized our mission of providing access and customizable library services. I believe we need to continue to tailor our approach to the communities we serve while learning how to market what we already do well to our users and those unserved. I think our ongoing success rests on all libraries across Oregon continuing to work together, sharing our opportunities and triumphs. 

Vice President/President Elect

  Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney

 Name/Current Position and Library:  

  • Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, Library Director,  Driftwood Public Library 


College and Post-Graduate Education (school, degree, year):

  • Drexel University, Masters of Library and Information Science: 2004

  • Kalamazoo College, Bachelor of Arts in English: 2002


OLA Involvement (Committee/Year):

  • Public Library Division Standards Committee, 2013

  • Public Library Division Board, Current position: Chair elect, 2015 - present

  • Intellectual Freedom Committee, 2016 - present


Other Professional Involvement:

  • Statewide Database Licensing Committee, 2014-2016

  • Oregon Community Foundation North Coast Leadership Council 2017 - present


Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to your carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected

I am level-headed and not easily flustered, I am adept at writing clearly, I have a great sense of humor, I am passionate about libraries of all types, and I approach problems with a balance of pragmatism and creativity that allows me to think outside the box in realistic ways.

Statement of “Why I would like to work in this OLA position”:

Oregon librarians are my favorite librarians. I am bowled over by the knowledge and creativity that I am met with on a daily basis from my public, school, tribal, and academic library colleagues. Librarians have received a little bump in media recognition recently, but you and I know that we have ALWAYS been on the front lines when it comes to grappling with thorny issues of censorship and community representation, and I have drawn so much energy and knowledge from you all. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to return the favor and represent you as president of OLA.


  Kathy Street

Name/Current Position/Library:

  • Kathy Street, Library Director, Oregon Trail Library District


College and Post-Graduate Education (school, degree, year):

  • Emporia State University, MLIS, 2013

  • Eastern Oregon University, BS Liberal Studies, 2011


OLA Involvement (Committee/Year):

  • OLA Member 2011 to present

  • OLA Intellectual Freedom Committee member 2013 - present
  • OLA Intellectual Freedom Committee presentation OASL conference 2012


Other Professional Involvement:

  • Sage Council Vice Chair

  • LEO Vice Chair


Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to your carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected:

  • I am responsible and follow through on tasks.

  • I am passionate in advocating for rural libraries in Oregon.

  • I am a strong team-member and enjoy being a part of a team.

  • I am organized in record keeping and note taking

  • I am a forward thinker and enjoy planning


Statement of “Why I would like to work in this OLA position”:

Belonging to OLA has provided me opportunities for professional development and collaboration. I am passionate about advocating for libraries in Oregon and specifically rural libraries. As an OLA member, I have made contacts across the state; these contacts have proved to be invaluable in my career. Working as secretary for OLA would allow me to continue making connections and advocating for libraries. I would be proud to serve OLA in this capacity. 



 Korie Buerkle

Name/Current Position and Library:
       ● Korie Buerkle, Assistant Library Director | Children's Librarian, Newberg Public Library

College and Post-Grad Education (school, degree, year)
  • Texas Woman's University, MLS, 2010
  • George Fox University, BA, 2000

OLA Involvement (Committee/Year):

  • OLA member, 2005 to present
  • Children's Services Division, 2005-present
  • Oregon Association of School Librarians, 2013-present
  • Oregon Battle of the Books, 2015-present; Finance Chair, Title Selection, Question Writing, Regional Manager
  • Evelyn Sibley Lampman Award committee, 2010, 2011, 2017
  • Library Development & Legislation, 2015-16
  • CSD Board, 2012-2105; Chair-Elect, Chair, Past Chair
  • Oregon Reader's Choice Award committee, 2011-2012
  • Summer Reading committee, 2005-2007
  • Beverly Clearly Children's Choice Award committee, 2005-2006

Other Professional Involvement:

Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to your carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected:

  • Listener: I work to listen, and believe it is one of the most valuable skills for collaboration.
  • Persistent: I enjoy working toward goals with persistence and determination.
  • Responsible: I enjoy responsibility and thrive with it.
  • Orderly: I’m the proverbial librarian when it comes to order in my work space, but enjoy the unpredictability of the public library.
  • Self-Aware: I am fairly adept at recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, and consider myself a work in progress.

Statement of "Why I would like to work in this OLA position":

Every time I participate with the Oregon Library Association I learn from my OLA colleagues, and I learn more about the successes and struggles of libraries across this state. All of this inspires me to do more and be a better librarian. I would love the opportunity to give back again to our library association.




  Lori Wamsley

Name/Current Position and Library:

  • Lori Wamsley, Library Director, Lane Community College


College and Post-Grad Education (school, degree, year):

  • Oregon State University, PhD, Education
  • Emporia State University, MS, Instruction Design & Technology
  • Emporia State University, MLS, Library Science
  • University of Portland, BBA, Business Administration


OLA Involvement (Committee/Year):

  • Member, 2002 - present

  • Finance/Investment Committee, 2014 - present
  • International Relations Roundtable, Secretary 2012-2013; Chair-Elect/Chair/Past Chair, 2013-16
  • OASL Board, Higher Education Rep, 2013-2016


Other Professional Involvement:

  • Oregon State Library Board, 2016 - current

  • Orbis Cascade Alliance Council, 2016 - current

  • L-net/Answerland Advisory Board 2009-2011


Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected:

  • Collaborative

  • Engaged

  • Integrity

  • Resilient

  • Facilitator


Statement of "Why I would like to work in this OLA position":

As an OLA member since 2002, I greatly appreciate the various opportunities OLA has given me to engage with and learn from the Oregon library community.  As OLA Treasurer, my primary goal is to sustain the robust financial position that OLA currently maintains. Being a financially solvent organization allows the OLA Board and its members to fulfill OLA’s mission and strategic plan, including supporting and advocating for Oregon librarians and libraries in all aspects of our work.  Thank you.



  Lacey Legel

Name/Current Position and Library

  • Lacey Legel, Access Services Asssistant, Multnomah County Library.


College and Post-Graduate Education (school, degree, year):

  • San Jose State University, MLIS, 2016

  • Portland State University, B.S History, Social Sciences, Arts and Letters, and Liberal Studies with minors in English and Medieval Studies, 2013


OLA Involvement (Committee/Year):

  • OLA Member, 2014 - present

  • Presenting at OLA conference 2017


Other Professional Involvement:

  • Treasurer, Independent Publishing Resource Center Executive Board, 2015 - present

  • ​Secretary, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies Auxiliary, East Portland Lodge #3256, 2015 - present

  • Leadership Team/Coordinator, Portland Emerging Archivists, 2016 - present

  • ​Program Committee, Northwest Archivists Annual Conference 2016

  • Presenter, Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Conference 2015
  • Branch representative, Neighborhood Libraries Safety Committee, Mulnomah County Library, 2016 - present


Five Personal Characteristics that will contribute to your carrying out the OLA office responsibilities if elected:

  • ​Detail-oriented:  I have two decades of experience in corporate accounting and archives, very little escapes my eagle eye

  • Reliable:  I am consistently able to meet deadlines, organize workloads and fulfill commitments

  • Collaborative:  I am a firm believer that teamwork and multiple perspectives improve any project or task

  • Experienced:  I have several years of experience serving as an office responsible for the finances of non-profit organizations

  • Sincere/Dedicated:  I have an honest enthusiasm for supporting my profession and my community through volunteership, mentorship, and continuous innovation


Statement of "Why I would like to work in this OLA position":
I would be pleased to offer my expertise in accounting, budget planning and financial reporting to support OLA, a professional organization that I believe does vital work in the library communities of our region. My years of experience volunteering and taking leadership roles in local non-profits has proved to me how impactful volunteership can be, for both the volunteer and the organization they support. For this reason, I would embrace the opportunity to serve my professional community while learning from and collaborating with the excellent individuals who serve in OLA.



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