The Oregon Library Association is your organization to help you develop your skills and develop your library. Do it for yourself, do it for your library, do it for all of Oregon's libraries: join today! You'll be in the company of library professionals, library support staff, public library trustees, and friends of libraries across the state.

Dues are now payable either annually or on a quarterly basis.  Automatic quarterly renewal/payment is possible when joining or renewing with a credit or debit card.  Annual dues are payable either by check or credit/debit card.

We invite you to attend the annual OLA conference and the available sessions and workshops throughout the year.   Lower registrations rates are often offered to these events to OLA members.

We also want to encourage you to consider joining an OLA unit to become more involved in advancing library services for Oregonians.

Hear what OLA leaders have to say about the value of being actively involved in OLA in testimonial videos. 

What OLA Can Do For You

  • Career Support
    Increase your ability to reach and serve your community. Engage in the latest trends and issues, discover new technologies, and develop leadership skills. OLA's early-career Mentoring Program pairs experienced librarian mentors with early career librarians to benefit the development of both.  
  • Continuing Education
    Enhance your library's effectiveness through the building and sharing of your knowledge.  Workshops and programs of interest to you are held throughout the state. NWCentral is the regional continuing education site which is supported by OLA.  
  • Get Involved and Network
    Meet, connect, and network with professionals from all areas of library work. Through participation in a division, committee or round table, you will meet people with similar interests and receive news of activities. Check out the list of current projects to find an opportunity that works for you.
  • Annual Conference
    The annual conference will educate, refresh, entertain, and beguile you with three days of workshops, speakers, and vendor displays. Meet fellow members of the Oregon Library Community.
  • Lobbying
    Focus and direct your lobbying efforts by organizing and coordinating your work with others throughout the state. OLA, backed with the authority of a professional lobbyist, keeps legislators informed of library needs, trends, and issues.
  • Scholarships and Honors
    Scholarships for conferences and course work help members with professional development. Honors and awards are given in recognition of special contributions to the association, the profession, and library development.
  • News and Contacts
    Keep current with Oregon library issues through both the OLA Hotline (published twice each month) and OLA Quarterly. The membership directory provides access to members throughout the state.
  • Strengthen libraries and the profession
  • Monetary incentive for attendance at conferences, workshops, Oregon Battle of the Books and other programming to OLA members are offered.
  • Link to Other Organizations
    OLA sends representatives to other professional organizations at the state, regional, and national levels, including the American Library Association (ALA). Joint membership through ALA (for students) at favorable rates is a benefit of OLA membership.