PLD Standards Overview

In 2017-18, the Public Library Division of the Oregon Library Association convened a committee of library professionals from small, medium, and large public libraries across Oregon to review and rewrite the Standards for Oregon public libraries. The new Standards were adopted in 2018, modified from the prior version adopted in 2013.

The Standards are intended to be a relevant and useful tool for maintaining quality services and facilities, explaining library needs to voters and elected officials, and helping guide library directors and managers in development, strategic planning, and decision making. By meeting these standards, a library establishes a baseline from which it can strive for excellence.

The Standards Committee reviews the standards annually and encourages feedback from library stakeholders. Oregon library staff are invited to apply to serve on the committee. Oregon librarians are invited to apply to serve on the committee. To offer feedback on the standards or to volunteer for the committee, please contact [email protected].¬†

PLD Standards (revised 2021)
Standards for Oregon Public Libraries

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