OASL ceased publication of its journal, Interchange, in the winter of 2020. We are transitioning to a newsletter format with plans to begin publishing in the spring of 2023. For more information about our newsletter, or to submit ideas or contributions contact [email protected]

Winter 2020  Big Ideas from Smaller Communities

Fall 2019  School Libraries Make a World of Difference (Conference Edition)

Spring 2019  
Start Seeing School Libraries: The Advocacy Issue

Winter 2019  Innovation: Enrich, Empower, Excite

Fall 2018  Metamorphosis (Conference Edition)

Spring 2018  School Librarians: Geared for the Future

Winter 2018   Truth Warriors!

Fall 2017   Future Ready. Set. Launch! (Conference Edition) 

Winter 2017  Harnessing the Power of Teamwork

Fall 2016
  Paradise Is a Kind of Library (Conference Edition)     

Spring 2016  Transform Lives Through Literature 

Winter 2016  Inquiry Based Learning

Fall 2015  2020 Vision (Conference Edition)        

Spring 2015  The Oregon School Library Standards In Action          

Winter 2015 The Art of Juggling          

Fall 2014  Connect, Collaborate & Celebrate Books, Technology & Libraries (Conference Edition)           

Spring 2014  Libraries Across the Lifespan (Special Joint Issue with OLA Quarterly)       

Winter 2014  OASL & OLA Are Your PLC   

Fall 2013  School Libraries Branching Out (Conference Edition)   

Spring 2013  The Journey Continues: Supporting the Common Core State Standards

Winter 2013  School Libraries: The Light of Literacy

Fall 2012  Making Connections (Conference Edition)  

Spring 2012  Something About Authors

Winter 2012  Extending Electronically

Fall 2011 You Don't Look Like a Librarian: What Does School Librarianship Look Like in the 21st Century? (Conference Edition)

Spring 2011  Fresh Voices

Winter 2011  School Library Advocacy 

Fall 2010  Libraries: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Conference Edition)

Spring 2010  "Where in the World?" School Libraries Overseas

Winter 2010  Across the Great Divide: Public Libraries - School Libraries 

Fall 2009  Get Graphic! (Conference Edition)