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Hello everyone!

This award is named in honor of author Beverly Cleary.  In her very full life of 104 years, she brought enjoyment to countless young readers and their parents. The world will miss miss her sorely. We encourage families to celebrate her life by reading her books and to participate in the BCCCA contest, which was created in her honor.

Find the Nominees for 2022-2023, start reading, listening, and most of all -- enjoy! 

If you have any questions, please contact the BCCCA Chairperson at [email protected].

Enjoy the books and your time together!  

The Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award (BCCCA) sponsored by OASL (formerly OEMA)  is named in honor of Beverly Cleary, the Oregon born children's book author. Children of all ages may vote each spring for their favorite title from the list of nominated books.  The winning title is announced on
Beverly Cleary's birthday, April 12. Nominations include books targeted to the reading ability of 2nd and 3rd graders or transitional readers.  Watch the OPB video: Discovering Beverly Cleary


The idea behind the Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award (BCCCA), sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries (then the Oregon Educational Media Association), began in the summer of 2001 when Jann Tankersley invited some OEMA friends to discuss the possibilities of creating a children's choice award.  Jann is a long-time OASL member and Library Teacher at Dayton Elementary School. This group of friends decided to name the award after Beverly Cleary, the Oregon born author, who wrote books for the age group that was being targeted. With Beverly Cleary’s permission, the award was created.

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The BCCCA Committee meets every Spring after reading all of the nominated books. Titles may be nominated by students, teachers, teacher librarians, public librarians and other interested readers. The chair must be a current member of OASL (formerly OEMA) and be a Teacher-Librarian. The committee is composed of teacher librarians and public librarians, classroom teachers, and others interested in Children's literature. 5-10 books are selected for the yearly nominations list. The list will be made available in the Spring of each year.

Book Selection:

Rationale: this award is to encourage reading by highlighting good quality literature (fiction and nonfiction) written at an approximately 2nd – 3rd grade reading level, taking into account text, format and the illustrations of the books. This contest will encourage books that students may not otherwise find on their own and are not necessarily the popular best sellers.

The BCCCA Committee is taking suggestions for the next award cycle. Nominated books should, of course, be quality literature--fiction or nonfiction books -published 3 years prior to the nomination year, and be at approximately a second - third grade reading level (taking into account vocabulary, graphic support and physical layout of the books).  Please send any ideas to Libby Hamler-Dupras, BCCCA Chair - [email protected]