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​                Announcing the 2024-2025 BCCCA Nominees: 

2024-2025 BCCCA Slide Deck, created by Libby Hamler-Dupras                                                                                 

The Astronomically Grand Plan (Astrid the Astronaut #1) by Rie Neal

Astrid is determined to be the first astronaut with hearing aids in space! She can’t wait for the school year to start so she can put her Astronomically Grand Plan into action! She and her best friend, Hallie, are going to be in their first year of Shooting Stars, a club dedicated to all things space. Astrid’s big sister has told her all about it, and this year, there is a big, wonderful prize: a trip to a real-life space camp! But Astrid’s Grand Plan isn’t off to a great start: it turns out Hallie is more interested in the art club, Petite Picassos! And Astrid isn’t sure that her goal of exploring space will happen the same way without her BFF by her side. Can Astrid figure out a way to complete her mission? 

Esme’s Birthday Conga Line  by Lourdes Heuer

Esme always has a plan. She loves to problem-solve and when her grandparents don’t plan a birthday party for her, Esme jumps into action! She gets a little help from her cat, El Toro, and a LOT of help from her neighbors in the topmost best building. In the end,  Esme gets the birthday party of her dreams.  

Expedition Backyard: Exploring Nature from Country to City by Rosemary Mosco and Binglin Hu

Each day, two best friends- Mole and Vole venture out into the world – never forgetting their nature journal! – to see what they can find in their own backyard. From pigeons to swamp milkweed, these two explorers get to know every part of their local environment. But after an accidental move from the country to the city, Mole and Vole worry that everything will be different. As they explore, they discover plants to look at and animals to meet in their new home as well. This nonfiction graphic novel uncovers that nature is everywhere- no matter where you live.  

Fenway and the Bone Thieves (Make Way for Fenway #1)  by Victoria J. Coe

Fenway is a little dog with a GIANT personality.There’s nothing better than a brand-new bone! And nothing worse than sneaky squirrels trying to steal it! But Fenway is smarter than those squirrels, and he finds the perfect place to hide his bone.The only problem is the hiding place might be too hard for Fenway to find, too! 

King of the Ice (Miles Lewis #1)  by Kelly Starling Lyons

Miles Lewis loves science and sports. But when his teacher announces a class field trip to an ice skating rink to learn about physics, he isn’t so excited. He’s never ice skated before, and his friend RJ won’t let him forget it. RJ even challenges him to a bet: If Miles skates without falling, RJ will put a “Miles is the man” sign on his backpack. But if Miles falls, he has to put one on his that says the same about RJ. Miles can barely focus on the bet, though, because he suspects his beloved Nana has plans to move out of his family’s house—and that’s just too much to bear. Can he keep his cool with all the pressure from RJ while finding a way to make his grandma stay?

Mayra Khan and the Incredible Henna Party (Mayra Khan #1)  by Saadia Faruqi

Marya's eighth birthday is coming up in a week, and all she wants is an over-the-top birthday party just like the ones Alexa, her rich neighbor, always throws. When Alexa parades into school with fancy invitations, Marya can't help herself--she claims that she's having the most epic henna party ever. Now she has to convince her family to make it happen. Enter Operation Help the Khans! Marya's siblings clearly need help with their projects. Maybe she could cook dinner for her parents, or clean her grandmother's room? Except everything Marya does seems to end in disaster. Will Marya and her family be able pull it together and throw the best party ever?!