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2021-2022 BCCCA

2021-2022 BCCCA Powerpoint, created by Libby Hamler-Dupras   

2021-2022 BCCCA Animoto, created by Andrea Burke


Blakemore, Megan Frazer.  Frankie Sparks and the Class Pet.

The 3rd grade classroom is getting a pet and Frankie thinks a rat would be perfect. But her best friend, Maya, doesn't think a rat would be great at all. They are kind of gross and not as cool as a hermit crab, which is Maya's top choice. 


Conrad, Vicki.  Just Like Beverly Cleary: A Biography of Beverly Cleary.

As a young girl, Beverly Cleary struggled to learn to read and found most children's books dull and boring. She often wondered if there were any books about kids just like her. Beverly Cleary's story comes to life as she grows to follow her dreams of writing the books she longed for as a child, becoming an award-winning writer and one of the most famous children's authors of all time.


Greenfield, Eloise.  Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me.

Thinker isn't just an average puppy―he's a poet. So is his owner, Jace. Together, they turn the world around them into verse. There's just one problem: Thinker has to keep quiet in public, and he can't go to school with Jace. That is, until Pets' Day. But when Thinker is allowed into the classroom at last, he finds it hard to keep his true identity a secret.


Harrington, Janice.  Buzzing With Questions: the Inquisitive Mind of Charles Henry Turner.

The curiousity of the first Black American entomologist Charles Henry Turner- a scientist who studied bugs- shines in this Nonfiction picture book, which showcases his ideas and discoveries about ants, bees and other insects.


Medina, Juana.  Juana & Lucas: Big Problemas.

Juana's life is just about perfect. She lives in the beautiful city of Bogotá in the country of Colombia with her two most favorite people in the world: her mami and her dog, Lucas. When her mami meets someone new, Juana worries that everything will change


Vail, Rachel.  A is for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is in second grade in Class 2B and it’s great! Friends, recess, homework! Even a big project: Make a poster of your name. The name Elizabeth has a bajillion letters in it!


Zemke, Deborah. The Tree and Me (Bea Garcia #4).

Bea Garcia and her best friend, Judith Einstein, sit under the 250-year-old oak tree in their schoolyard and imagine a face in its trunk. They name the tree “Emily” after their favorite American poet. Bea loves to draw both real and imagined pictures of their favorite place. A boy climbs the tree and gets stuck. Bert causes such a scene that the school board declares Emily a nuisance and decides to chop it down. Bea and Einstein rally their friends with environmental facts, poetry, and artwork to try to convince the adults in their lives to change their minds.