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​                              ​​   Announcing the 2022-2023 BCCCA Nominees:

2022-2023  BCCCA Slide Deck, created by Libby Hamler-Dupras   

2022-2023  BCCCA Animoto created by Daletta Gonzales  


Here Comes Lolo by Niki Daly.


Meet the curious, fun-loving, adventurous Lolo, a girl living in South Africa with her mother and grandmother,Gogo! For Lolo, every day is a new adventure. Whether it’s earning gold stars at school or returning a lost ring, she’s ready for anything. Follow along with Lolo as she learns lessons about sharing, being brave, and being a good friend.




Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business by Lyla Lee.


Mindy has just moved from California to Florida for her Dad’s new job. She’s nervous about starting at a new school, especially when her classmates make fun of the Korean snacks in her lunch. Once she convinces them that dry seaweed is delicious, can Mindy handle the demand her snack trading has created?




Our Friend Hedgehog: the Story of Us by Lauren Castillo.


Hedgehog lives on a teeny-tiny island with only her stuffed dog, Mutty, for company. When a great storm carries Mutty away, she embarks on an adventure to find her friend. Following the trail of clues Mutty left behind, brave Hedgehog meets a wiggly Mole, a wordy Owl, a curmudgeonly Beaver, a scatterbrained Hen and Chicks, and Annika May, a girl new to the neighborhood. With bravery and teamwork, there's nothing that can stop these seven from finding Mutty, but along the way they discover something even more important: each other.




The Powwow Dog by Joseph Bruchac.


An unusual picture book/chapter book/graphic novel offers readers a mystery. Grama and Grampa are taking twins Marie and Jamie Longbow to the powwow. When the twins find out about a mysterious ghost dog that steals food and no one has been able to catch it, they are determined to find out what’s going on!




Puppy Problems by Paige Braddock.


In this graphic novel, Crackers, a goofy dog who goes nuts over squirrels and Butter, a plump cat who loves licking butter, have a nice, cushy, life together — until the day their human comes home with a puppy! Floppy-eared Peanut is afraid of the dark: yowl! He dips into all the food bowls: slurp! He drools, chews up stuff, always wants to play, and hogs the human’s lap. Crackers and Butter have had it with all the puppy crazyness!